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Medical Practitioner Recommends Behavioural Therapy To Reduce Smoking



Dr Nassanmu Yakub, a medical practitioner, has recommended behavioural therapy to curb cigarette smoking, especially among youths.
The expert, who gave the antidote to smoking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Abuja, noted that the habit still persisted among youths in their 20s and 30s.
He said that tobacco smoking only gave a transient feeling of happiness because of its nicotine content.
According to him, you may feel high when you smoke, thinking everything is fine, but this is not true as everything is not alright.
“Smokers may deny the fact that they have problems at that moment, but the problems are still there, they just want to forget them for a while and this is common among the youth even though ladies are joining,” he said.
He said that the most obvious effect of smoking was that it caused prolonged cancer and obstructive pulmonary diseases, stressing that it may not come out until 20 years to 30 years later.
Yakub noted that smoking was bad for the health, adding that the advertisement alluded to it but somehow, we people do not listen to that part, but busy looking for all the fine, slim glamorous people.
According to him, smoking can cause your blood to clot abnormally and it can cause serious lung problem that you and your children will have to deal with later in life, “ he said.

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