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‘MI Should Not Have Compared Nigerian Rappers To South-African Rappers’ – Vector

Vector the Viper has called out MI for comparing Nigerian rappers with South-African rappers


‘MI Should Not Have Compared Nigerian Rappers To South-African Rappers’ – Vector

Nigerian Rapper, Vector has said that he was not pleased that MI compared Nigerian Rappers and Soth-African rappers in his track.

Popular Nigerian rapper, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun AKA Vector the Viper, has opened up that he was not pleased with fellow rapper Jude Abaga popularly called MI, for calling out Nigerian rappers and comparing them with their South-African counterparts.

Vector positioned that MI did not project Nigerian rappers in the best light when he slammed them in his new track ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives.’

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In his track, the Chocolate City Boss had called out all rappers in Nigeria, positing that they did not measure up to the Soth-African rappers.

Speaking with Punch Newspapers, Vector noted that MI could have handled the issue some other ways instead of going public with his scathing criticism and comparing the rappers from both countries.

This, he said was the reason he was angry with MI.

Vector said: “No matter how much your parents flog you, they will not tell outsiders that you are a stupid child. He doesn’t have to say it openly that SA rappers are ‘killing’ Nigerian rappers. I have never said this before, but the simple truth is that we shouldn’t wash our dirty linen in public. It is fine to discipline people at home and I support that. If your children mess up, you can discipline them.

“When Jay-Z released the Death of Auto-Tune, he addressed everyone and said they should all go back to rap music. He didn’t say a group of rappers is doing better than one group. I didn’t like the fact that he called out Nigerian rappers openly and was comparing us with SA rappers.”

The Ogun-state born rapper also said it was just an unfortunate coincidence that he has not collaborated with MI on a song till present, explaining that something always comes up when such plans are in the pipelines.

“We tried to work together on two different occasions, but it just didn’t happen. The first time was when he sent a beat to me to work on and he was supposed to be on the remix of my song, King Kong. Classiq later took his verse and did very well. We can still do something together later in the future. It is music; it is nothing serious,” he explained.

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