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Mr Ibrahim Mustapha, An Enterpreneur Stresses The need To Reduce Energy Waste



An Entreprenuer, Mr Ibrahim Mustapha, has stressed the need to reduce energy waste
and conserve the amount generated in the country.

He made the call in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Monday.

Mustapha, who is the Co-founder of Solar Imbedded Enterprise, said that the company
had, therefore, developed an app with indigenous materials aimed at reducing energy waste.

He explained that “we came up with the app after observing the negative habit Nigerians had of leaving household
lights, street lights and security lights on during the day.

“Leaving the lights on when it is not in use consumes a lot of power and deprives other users.

“The energy should have been conserved for companies and industries to produce goods and provide services.

“With the app, therefore, the problem of power shortage will be minimised because it has e-saving lamp holder
which automatically goes off during the day and comes on automatically at sunset.”

“It has a sensor which senses light in the surrounding, such that immediately the sun rises, it switches itself off

According to him, the major challenge confronting the team that innovated the app is gathering the materials used to
fabricate the app and the cost.

Mustapha said that the app’s lamp holder was fabricated from recycled polythene bags, but the plastic processing
machine used to mould the lamp holder for casting and other electrical components were expensive.

He noted that the app would not only help to conserve energy but also reduce plastic littering on the streets, as
such plastic would be recycled into components for the app.

He added that “even the lamp holder we used, we had to fabricate and recycle from already used polythene bags which
we gathered. We are helping to reduce the amount of polythene on the streets that cause pollution and harm the environment.

“However, the plastic processing machine which we used to mould the lamp holder for casting does not come cheap,
so also the other electrical components.’’

The entreprenuer said that the research showed that about 1000 megawatts of electricity out of the 8000 megawatts
generated in the country was usually wasted.

He added that the waste was mostly done in residential and commercial buildings during the day when electrical appliances
were left on during the day.

The innovator said that if the app was fully harnessed and commercialised, it would add to the country’s collection of indigenous

He called on government and other private investors to assist the team with funding, as well as collaborate with them for
mass production.

Mustapha urged citizens to desist from wasting energy available in the country by switching off appliances
when not in use.

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