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“My Transition Hours PDF” Fake Or Real?



Just after 2 days after the release of Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan’s book titled My Transition Hours was released to the public, there are now fake versions which have begun to circulate and make the rounds online.

For you as an individual, if you were not opportune to be present at the Launch of the My Transition Hours whereby the original versions was displayed, in every way, you might have read the fake version of the book especially if you are reading it online.

However, this article will surely detail out how you can know whether the My Transition Hours you are reading online is real or fake. It is important you get to read the real version so as not to be misinformed about what Goodluck Jonathan is trying to pass across.

To know a real or fake version of the book, the real version has 194 pages wile the fake version contains 254 pages and it is in a PDF document of about 4mb size.

Also, the real version of the book has 15 chapters while the fake version of the book has 12 chapters.

Furthermore, the real version of the book has the copyright to be in 2019 and funny enough the writers of the fake version must have seen the future because the copyright of the fake version of the book shows that it was made in 2015.

In addition, the real version of the book commences with Foreword, Acknowledgement and Prologue accordingly while the fake version which is believed to be in a PDF document commences with Acknowledgement, Prologue and Introduction accordingly.

The real version also begins with the first chapter called Reflections and the sentence reads “The circumstances of my family background, birth and childhood would not have led anyone to believe that I would rule Nigeria”, while the fake version first chapter is titled Looking back and then first sentence reads that it was an unusual entry into politics and that he did not want to go into politics before.

From the above , it is clear that the “My Transition hours pdf” which has been surfacing online since 2 days ago after the launch of the book is fake and even the former president Goodluck Jonathan have publicly come out to state that there are fake copies of his book everywhere now.

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email for nigerianews