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National Assembly Resumption: Who Blinks First In The Suffocating, Unavoidable Tension

National Assembly


National Assembly Resumption: Who Blinks First In The Suffocating, Unavoidable Tension

National Assembly

National Assembly

To say there is tension in the land over the resumption of plenary in the National Assembly tomorrow is over-stretching the importance of lawmakers in the daily toils of ordinary Nigerians.

Sure, the top dogs in the ruling APC and the opposition PDP are tense like coiled springs. Their collective blood pressures must be shooting through the roof as they wait for tomorrow.

Tomorrow has become one of the most anxiously awaited dates in Nigeria’s postcolonial history. It is really sad that what is at stake would not put food on the table of most Nigerians. It is simply the quest for power for power’s sake.

The opposition, spearheaded by the Senate President, had created a situation where a witless ruling party must play a part to remain relevant. While it plays out, proper governance suffers.

The invasion of the National Assembly last week by masked, gun-toting SSS operatives was the lowest point of the clash of wills between the gladiators.

Since then, just one major head got chopped. The head of the SSS was sacked promptly by the government amidst an almighty scramble to dissociate the executive from the dastardly act.

After the dust settled down, it was time to apportion blame. It became a case of pointing fingers depending on your politics.

As reported by Nigeria News, the government is saying Lawal Daura went rogue and planned the NASS invasion to embarrass the President. For the records, Lawal has history as far as going off script to carry out acts that smacks of a dog running wild and biting its master.

The PDP, Saraki and most Nigerians don’t buy that explanation from the government. The consensus is of a desperate government trying to use undemocratic means to unseat the NASS leadership.

Because of the brouhaha, the NASS return date slated for the 25th of September was brought forward to tomorrow. Fireworks are expected for sure.

Coming off the back of three election victories over the weekend, the APC must be feeling very confident at the moment. It seems they have managed to shake off the disappointment of the wave of defection that hit the party.

Surprisingly, and this is very hard to believe considering everything that had happened, the ruling party still has a majority in both houses of the National Assembly.

And they have just added two more senators and representative to their ranks after the weekend’s bye-elections in Bauchi, Katsina and Kogi State.

In the House of Representative, the position of Yakubu Dogara, the speaker of the House of Representatives, is getting interesting by the day. His position at the moment is rather fluid. Is he still part of the APC? Why hasn’t he officially defected to the PDP as was expected?

His situation is really dicey. Though the PDP won the elections in his local government in Saturday’s elections, the overall result of Bauchi South Senatorial district showed the APC are the dominant party there by a long shot.

Allied with the result of the Senatorial election in Katsina, it seemed the masses in the North are relaying a clear message to anti-Buhari politicians from the North, ‘Be prepared to be booted out if you don’t change your ways.’

When this face-off reached the defection stage last month, we were told to expect a second wave of defection away from the APC. Would more APC lawmakers announce their defection tomorrow?

Or, like the APC is telling the world, more important lawmakers, after Senator Akpabio, would join the APC from tomorrow. That is just grandstanding. There won’t be any further significant defections to the ruling party.

As a matter of fact, APC would have to work hard to hold on to many of their members who are sitting on the fence at the moment. It is known that several of them are sympathetic to Saraki.

There would certainly be a lot of horse trading before the resumption of plenary. For now, that is the only job our lawmakers would be engaged in. Doing the things they were elected for is simply not important at the moment.

However tomorrow ends, or subsequent days after, the ordinary people on the streets would go about their business unaffected by the power play in Abuja.

In other words, Nigeria would survive no matter how hard the politicians try to burn it to the ground. To put it in the context of the NASS shenanigans, there is no tension in Nigeria except the one created by politicians.

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