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NGO Urges For Code-Lagos Technology Initiative Centres In Badagry

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NGO Urges For Code-Lagos Technology Initiative Centres In Badagry

The Students Without Borders International (SWBI), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) on Monday urged the Lagos State Government to establish the CodeLagos Initiative Centres in Badagry.

Mr Daniel Nwodi, the Executive Director, SWBI, made the plea in an interview with the NIGERIA NEWS in Badagry, Lagos.

NAN reports that the CodeLagos Initiative was initiated by the administration of Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode for Lagos residents who are 16 years and older and not enrolled in any primary and secondary schools in the State.

The vision of the programme was geared toward making Lagos State the technology frontier in Africa by empowering people with skills needed to create and take advantage of the opportunities that a tech-driven economy proffers.

NAN also reports the coding centres in Lagos had scaled up from 193 in 2017 to 275 in 2019 including 10 public centres.

Nwodi said that the initiative would help the out-of-school youths in the coastal town to develop themselves technologically.

“I was surprised that there is no single centre for CodeLagos initiative in Badagry town here.

“I saw some youths engaged with coding in private computer centres. They paid for the service.

“If the government can establish two centres in Badagry town, the centre will take care of many out-of-school youths who are wandering the streets.

“I believe that if our youths are well-equipped while they are growing up, they will be more useful to themselves and more to the communities.

“At this level, if they are given the advantage of this initiative, they will use the knowledge gained to help themselves and the society,’’ he said.

The executive director said that the NGO had organised an entrepreneurship adventure in Songhai Farm, Port Novo, Benin Republic, to expose more youths to entrepreneurial skill.

According to Nwodi, Nigeria is now turning to Agro-business line and Songhai is the centre where sustainability happens.

“We are taking 10 young men on the adventure. When they get there, they will know why they say tourism is an avenue for business development.

“When young men go to a place like that, they will be motivated. This is to open up opportunity upon opportunities for our youths,’’ he said.

NAN also reports that the NGO team visited the Akran’s Palace; heritage sights including the first Christian cemetery in Nigeria; Badagry Heritage Museum; and the First storey building in Nigeria.

Others were: Mobee Family Slave Relics Museum; Seriki Abass Brazilian Baracoon; the Agia Tree Monument where Christianity was first preached in Nigeria; and the tomb of Huntokonu, the first slave merchant.

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