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Nigeria Needs Combine Efforts In Managing Cancer – Lebanese women



In a bid to effectively manage cancer in
Nigeria, the Lebanese Ladies Society (LLS) in Nigeria on Thursday said
that it was imperative for charity organisations in the country to
work together.

The LLS President, Mrs Claude Nader, made the plea at a Cancer Awareness
Luncheon in Lagos, tagged “Life is an Amazing Gift. Let’s Spend It

According to her, about 80 per cent of the 100, 000 Nigerians reported
to be fighting cancer do not survive it.

“There is always the tendency for us to ignore what we do not want to
deal with in life, but we must know that ignoring serious issues does
change things.

“Although most of us do not want to hear or talk about cancer, it is a
disease that has put about 38 per cent of humanity at risk.

“We must know that out of 100, 000 Nigerians fighting cancer, 80
per cent do not make it alive.

“One of the purposes for organising this cancer awareness luncheon is to
unite many Nigerian charitable organisations to assist the Bricon
Foundation in their work,’’ she said.

Nader said that the Bricon Foundation, that had been providing support
and counselling to Nigerians battling cancer, needed the
assistance of other charitable organisations.

She said that with the tools available to charitable organisations,
they should support the foundation achieving its cause of supporting
and counselling Nigerians in need.

The Co-Founder of Bricon Foundation, Mrs Abigail Simon-Hart, said that the
foundation had among others donated over 300 breast prosthesis and
mastectomy bras to women in Lagos.

Simon-Hart added that the foundation had set up a support ‘H4H’ group to
help husbands whose wives had cancer.

She said that the foundation was currently working with the Lebanese
Ladies Society to fund the education of 13 children in Lagos.

Simon-Hart said that the foundation would concentrate its activities
in Lagos State, until it had more management quality and resources
before expanding to other States in the country.

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