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Nigerian Army Promotes 123 Senior Officers


Nigerian Army Promotes 123 Senior Officers

The Army Council has approved the promotion of  66 Lieutenant Colonels and 57 Majors to the next rank.

Nigerian Army Promotes 123 Senior Officers

Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Sani Usman

The Army Promotion Board 3 and 4 recommended this particular exercise which was reflected in the 2017 Nigerian Army Forecast of Events and was revealed by the army spokesperson, Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman.

Usman disclosed some beneficiaries thus;

For those elevated to Colonel;

Lt.- Col. K.M Samuel

Lt.-Col. O.O Diya of 707 Special Forces Brigade.

Lt. Col. K.M Samuel is to assume the position of Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, 7 Division.

Lt.- Col.l A.M Tukur, Commanding Officer of 119 Task Force Battalion.

Lt.-Co.l M.B Shehu, Commanding Officer 158 Battalion 

Lt.-Col. K.C Uwa, Commanding Officer 146 Battalion.

Lt.-Col. Aliyu Suleman

According to him, “one other officer, late Lt.-Col. Aliyu Suleman was promoted, posthumously.”

“Promoted Lieutenant Colonel is the Acting Commanding Officer of 115 Task Force Battalion, Major MD Olaseni, and Acting Commanding Officer of 151 Task Force Battalion, Major OJ Okwoli, amongst others,” he said.

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  • Nigerian Army Promotes 123 Senior Officers
  • Nigerian Army Promotes 123 Senior Officers
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