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Nigerian Lawmaker Wins World’s Best Citizen Award


Nigerian Lawmaker Wins World’s Best Citizen Award

Deputy Senate President Bags Global Best Citizen Award

 Ike Ekweremadu, the Deputy Senate President, has won the Rotary Club’s Outstanding Citizen of the World 2017 award.

The pronouncement of the lawmaker as the world’s best citizen was made by Rotary International, Enugu City Centre Rotary District 9142, at a briefing in Enugu, on Tuesday.

Deputy Senate President; Ike Ekweremadu - 2017 World's Best Citizen

Deputy Senate President; Ike Ekweremadu – 2017 World’s Best Citizen

According to the District President, Prince Okezie Nwanjoku, the award will be conferred on Ekweremadu on December 2.

Nwanjoku revealed that 150 people were shortlisted for the award across the globe. He said further those shortlisted were vigorously scrutinised before the decision to honour Senator Ekweremadu was unanimously agreed upon.

 Prince Arthur Eze, a business tycoon was said to have won the award in 2015, but no one was honoured with the award in 2016 as the qualified candidates were vetoed by members of the committee.

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