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No To Saraki, Cronies In PDP, Youths Protest

No To Saraki, Cronies In PDP, Youths Protest


No To Saraki, Cronies In PDP, Youths Protest

As rumors of Saraki’s defection heighten, some youths under the auspices of the Kwara State PDP have protested against the return of the Senate President and his associates.

The youths who carried placards reading ‘No to Bukola Saraki and cronies in the PDP,’ ‘MM defection is a liability,’ ‘PDP exco, shine your eyes,’ and ‘PDP gov ticket is not for sale,’ expressed their opposition.

Saraki Can Join PDP But With Full Subjection To The Constitution, PDP Chair

No To Saraki, Cronies In PDP, Youths Protest

Senate President, Bukola Saraki

According to the state Coordinator, Face of Change, Alhaja Kubrat Abdullateef, “What we are trying to do is that we do not want a repeat of what had happened in the past when Bukola Saraki planted his cronies in our party and we had a very rancorous primary. We are guarding against that and we do not want a repeat of that. Those who are carrying placards, that is their personal opinion.”

In her words, “With the spate of incidents over the last couple of weeks, it seems the party is apathetic to anti-party (activities).  As much as we welcome new members into our party, it is important to highlight the fact that there is a laid-down process that allows one to be a member of our party.”

Mr. Gidado Alakawa, The state Secretary of the PDP, revealed that the party is not against any new member from coming in but the constitution must be strictly abided by.

According to him, “the party was not against the entry of new members or the return of former members, adding that new members and returnees must, however, abide by the constitution, process, and procedures of the party.”

“Everything we do in this party follows certain procedures and rules. To that extent, there is always this opportunity for free entry and free exit. There should not be anything personal about people coming into the party. Generally, people that want to come to the party are free to come as long as they are ready to work with the rules and regulations that guide entry into the party.”

“There are rules that govern any form of re-admittance of any former member of the party, who for whatever reason left the party and is now coming back into the party. It is not for the party leadership to say who must not come in or who must come in.”

“Beyond that, the party already has a structure and the structure is working along with the constitution. So those people saying they do not want X,Y to come into the party, that is their opinion but the party leadership will do whatever they can to work in line with the constitution and in line with the desire of the majority of our people to be sure the party wins in all elections.”

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  • No To Saraki, Cronies In PDP, Youths Protest
  • No To Saraki, Cronies In PDP, Youths Protest

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