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Olu James Omosule: The Unbelievable Audacity OF A Presidential Candidate



Olu James Omosule: unique campaign ad
Olu James Omosule: unique campaign ad

Olu James Omosule: unique campaign ad

When I saw Olu James Omosule’s campaign poster, the first thought that came to mind was, ‘Hmmm….gutsy.’ I mean, you need to have a special kind of courage to pull off something like that without an iota of shame.

I won’t go as far as saying candidate Omosule is living in a bubble. He must know the local terrain very well and how it works.

It’s easy to imagine some imaginative blogger somewhere running with a title like, ‘See What Nigerians Are Saying about the Campaign Poster of a Presidential Candidate.’

You see what I did there? No mention of the candidate because that won’t attract clicks. By omitting the name of the candidate, people would wonder if it was one of Atiku, Kwankwaso, Tambuwal, Saraki or some other known name in the presidential race.

Talking about what Nigerians are saying about that poster, let’s see what followers of Adeola Fayehun are saying on her Facebook page:

Chris Daferede: Dude u just.tanked your campaign..what a novice…you talk ending corruption, and there u re selling your office..You did not learn anything or how to solicit donations. This is what Nigeria’s overnight pastors defraud their congregation with stupid gimmicks.

Ike Kingsley Chibuzo: Dude wants to be president of Nigeria, and he’s demanding awoof in dollars. Is he confused or just ashamed of our naira?

Peter A. Ojefia: Some people will just have a brain wave, jump out of their rooms and start printing posters. My friend goooan do your homework and leave politics for the men!

Èclair D’espoir: This man need to be arrested and keep away from other human for the rest of his miserable life. We are saying Buhari should go and this Herod is scheming his way through dubious mean. E nor go better for you.

Wunkey Wunkru: These ones and the likes of fela Durotoye just wants to get the title”one time presidential aspirant” nothing more.

They shouldn’t be taken seriously

Abdulganiu A Otuoze: Unfortunately, many of those masquerading as youths in politics are even worse than we thought. Do you see Nigeria as a Kuli Kuli market?


These are just six comments from about one hundred. None had anything complimentary to say about Omosule and his concept. Like I said before, ‘Gutsy.’

I want to assume Omosule is not a fool. What is he playing at?

Let’s assume he is taking this thing seriously and wants Nigerians to vote him. So, what does he bring to the table apart from doing something audacious with his posters?

Omosule was born 49 years ago in Owo in Ondo State. His childhood was rough and tough. At least, if you believed what he wrote about himself on his website,

If you think GEJ had it rough going to school without shoes, you would shed a tear or two for this aspiring president. He had to drop out of an American University in his third year to get a job to raise enough money to pay for his grandmother’s medical bills. She died in spite of his efforts.

So, if you are wondering about his pedigree in education, you have your answer there. He couldn’t graduate for the reason mentioned above.

But he seems knowledgeable in the ways of the world though. He had garnered experience all over the world on how economies are developed and human capital nurtured.

Apparently, his innate leadership skills had helped people and organizations achieve their potential.

He is your regular motivativational speaker. And God knows Nigeria needs an inspiration leader at the moment; somebody who would galvanize the whole nation to work towards fulfilling a common destiny that we know is out there.

This isn’t the first time Omosule would be gunning for the top job in Nigeria. He came out in 2011 and 2015. On both occasions, it is fair to say not many people knew he was also on the ballot. That could be down to insufficient publicity which of course is linked to paucity of funds.

That could be what he is trying to address this time around: funds and publicity. A poster like that would definitely go viral in Nigeria.

He is smart in that case. On the other hand though, many Nigerians have already created a niche for him that doesn’t flatter his chances. These Facebook’s comments are rather nice compared to the other things that have been said about him.

I’d still like to go with the idea that Omosule is a smart one. With that in mind, he knows he would never win a presidential election in present-day Nigeria.

By the end of the campaign though, he’d have inserted himself into the consciousness of Nigerians. Of course, we are now Googling him like crazy. People are looking at his LinkedIn page.

Somebody somewhere (talking about the people who call the shots) might just decide Omosule has enough industry in his tank to offer their team.

His novel and audacious campaign poster is enough proof he is willing and able to think outside the box. Somebody would find that skill very useful.

The bottom line is, don’t be surprised if this man pops up in our political sphere as an important aide or fixer to somebody at the top.

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