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Shuaib Jamiu

I Wish To Travel Around The World, Write And Observe How Beautiful The World Is... And I Hope One Day This Dream Will Comes To Reality....I can be reached on

Blessing Durowaiye

Writing is everybody's business but journalistic writing is meant for those mindful of the business. Public interest is journalism and not just entertainment.Tthis simply defines me a writer and editor. I can be reached at

Adebayo Abiodun

I love surfing the internet for trending news. With my posts, you can be rest assured you will not have any dull moments with viral news across Africa. I can be reached at ! 08111357171


We deliver news to the Nigerian audience home and abroad, with fairness and honesty. I can be reached via Email at ! 08105087367

Lawrence Dara

A content writer, reporter, editor who has a penchant for creative writing and ready to explore as well as push beyond the limits he has set for himself. Reach me at

Oluwaseun Awogbenle

A strong believer in a new Nigeria where the principles of equity, fairness and justice are the core values. I can be reached at

Zaynab Mohammed

Zaynab is a Creative Writer, Journalist and Photography Hobbyist. She enjoys reading, writing, and sharing beneficial knowledge. Feel free to reach her at

Adedamola Ogungbe

Content Provider, Broadcast Journalist, Sports Producer, Presenter & Analyst, Social Commentator and Language Expert. Twitter: @damola_ogungbe You can reach me at

Olasupo Ololade

The Advent of media technology and the likes have contributed to the shrinking of the world thereby making it a global village. Information now travels across the globe within a twinkle of an eye, however, such information demands verification from reliable sources before they are being properly disseminated. This is why I have chosen a career in the media world. A reporter, creative content writer, researcher, editor and media analyst. I can be reached at

Timothy Sawyerr

Content Developer| Creative Writer/Author| Editor Timothy Sawyerr enjoys and writes material with a broad perspective and with a wide scope. Also writes in the fiction genre as 'Tim Carpenter'. I can be reached on

Okafor Callistus

Okafor Callistus is a writer, content creator, freelancer, blogger and social media expert. He is very versatile in the online world. He currently works for NIGERIA NEWS. You can contact him via call/whatsapp on 08169079305 or reach him via email on

Ifedolapo Fasiku

I love smiling, a graduate of the University of Ilorin, young and passionate for my dreams especially my career. I can be reached via email at or 08189796783

Cyril Austin

Want me to write on an issue, have complaint over my articles, comments on my articles or any way to add to my content on NIGERIA NEWS, pelase reach me on at

Adebayo Abdulrahman

I love working hard to see things in a better light. You can contact me at

Tracy Olisa

Maya Angelou said, ''there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.'' I live every day trying to write a new story. I can be reached on


Proud Electrical And Electronics Engineering student at the University of Ilorin; He's a Music?Addict, Vocalist, Blogger, Software Geek, Phone Freak ?, You can reach him on - WhatsApp/Telegram:+2348161139720?, BBM:557736C4

Afolabi Abdulateef

A reader, writer, lover but above all- a leader. Reach me on


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