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Party Leader Threatens To Cut Off Hands Of Prime Minister’s Critics

Party Leader Threatens To Cut Off Hands Of Prime Minister’s Critics

A leader in the indian’s ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has issued a statement today threatening to cut off the hands of anyone who raises hands to criticise the prime minister.

Rai, speaking at a political event, the leader who is a loyalist to Prime Minister, Narenda Modi, said: “Each citizen of the country should be proud that the son of a poor family rose from humble beginnings to become India’s prime minister”.

Indian Prime Minister - Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi

He emphasised that “Any finger or hand rose towards him, we should together, either break it or if needed, chop it off’’.

However, a leader in an opposition party has condemned Rai’s statement. the leader opined that it is not proper for a parliamentary man like Rai to make such a threat.

In his words, “It shows the extremist mindset of the BJP leader and the party should immediately take action against him’’.

Rai, on the other hand, has clarified his statement as he claimed that he has only spoken in parable. He also noted that it is  “Only those who are anti-national and anti-poor will object to the statement”.

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