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How To Pass SSCE Exams With Flying Colors In Just One Sitting



ssce exams
ssce exams

High school students during an exam

That time of the year is upon us once again. Nigeria News notes that thousands of young students and some not so young students would soon write the Senior School Certificate Examinations, SSCE.

As we are all aware, the SSCE exams are the foundation of all future academic pursuits. Even future job prospects can be determined by how well one did in the exams.

There are several categories of candidates that would be sitting for the exams. The first category are final year high school students having a go for the first time. Repeat candidates who failed the last time would also be part of it.

Other categories include undergraduates who need a credit pass in some subjects before being allowed to continue/graduate as university students; and working adults who never had the opportunity to write the exams and now need to further their education.

To avoid failure, planning is important. So if you (or your ward) want to pass the SSCE exams in one sitting, follow these tried and tested strategies.

1. Be prepared to invest a lot of money

Nothing good comes cheap. If you want the best, you must be prepared to spend quite a bit.

The budget for this mission should be about 10 times the fee you paid to register for the exams. Don’t be afraid, it is likely you won’t need all of it, but it is better to err on the side of deep pockets for this venture

2. Intensive prayers and fasting

Unfortunately, many people think hard work is a substitute for praying and fasting. It is only after repeated failures they realize prayer and fasting is the foundation for success in life.

Forget all those people telling you that the Chinese and Japanese and other Godless nations produce brilliant students without praying and fasting.

Their exams are rigged. How else could anybody pass exams without these two most important valuables: praying and fasting?

Get somebody to recommend a powerful man of God for you. It is even better if you can get more than one man of God.

Since they have a special channel for communicating with God, it is advisable not to take them for granted. Go see them with gifts. Lots of money is preferable.

They would intercede powerfully on behalf of you or your ward. The best ones would recommend several sessions of praying and fasting before the exams.

Don’t joke with the fasting requirement. Even if you or the student can’t read because of hunger, it doesn’t matter as you are already covered spiritually. Who says anything good comes without sacrifices.

3. Register in SSCE exams special/miracle centers

After taking care of the spiritual angle, you need to take care of the physical realm. You have to make sure you don’t leave anything to chance.

After all, it is written that heaven helps those who help themselves. This is another way of saying that the heavens hate lazy people.

Before your prayer and fasting can begin to bear fruits, you must prove to the heavens that you are not lazy.

So investigate properly and identify the best SSCE exams miracle centers. Every city and town has a bunch of them.

The common denominator among them is that they have an uncommonly high rate of success among students who register with them.

Some even boast of a 100% success rate every year. Since you have fulfilled the important condition of praying and fasting, the spirit would lead you to the right miracle center to register for the exams.

Ignore the dilapidated-looking buildings and lack of essential facilities in the center. God works in mysterious ways in case you needed reminding.

You would be asked to pay a lot of money to ensure you or your ward pass with dazzling colors. Pay up. Again, success is never achieved on a platter of miserliness.

Have them walk you through their strategies for passing the exams. These must include how students are handed already prepared answers; leaked questions papers a day before exams; impersonating techniques; or a combination of all three.

4. Get spiritual props from your powerful man of God

Just before the SSCE exams start, you need to visit your spiritual adviser to give you some important exams aids.

We are talking items like holy water, holy oil, anointed pens, and pencils, etc.

These things are important during the exams. You don’t know when an agent of the devil would trick you into writing what you are not supposed to write.

Besides, with these props, even if you didn’t read because prayer and fasting took up so much time, the correct answers would spiritually flow out of your pen and pencil.

5. On the day of the exam

Get to know the invigilators. Be nice to them. Find out if they need anything to make their jobs easier. In most cases, a bit of money is all they require. They are awesome like that.

Then point out your ward to then in case you are not the one writing the exam. Be rest assured, your ward would be given special consideration. In fact, your ward would even be allowed to get away with murder.

6. After each exam

You know that human beings can be dubious. To make sure the SSCE exams miracle center fulfilled their end of the bargain, review each subject after the exam with the person in charge of the miracle center.

Since you paid heavily to pass awesomely, this is one way of making sure you get what you are paying for. Naturally, this would inspire confidence in you that your efforts, both spiritual and temporal, are working perfectly.

7. Finally…..

You have to go back and give thanks to the man of God for his amazingly effective intervention on your behalf. Don’t go empty-handed.

You have to show your spiritual father that you completely appreciate what he did for you. Besides, you never know when you might need them in future for another dicey mission.

After all, this is just the first stage. There are many more exams to write in future. So when you go to thank them, make them happy by humbly and respectfully giving them more money and gifts.

Trust me, if you follow these steps, there is no way you won’t pass the SSCE exams. With these strategies, there won’t be any need to break the law by forging certificates in some dank, creepy building in Lagos Island.

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