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Passport Applicant Collapsed And Dies In Lagos NIS Office

NIS Lagos office

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Passport Applicant Collapsed And Dies In Lagos NIS Office

The Lagos State chapter of the Nigerian Immigration Service has confirmed the death of an international passport applicant who passed away in its Ikoyi office.

Information gathered by NIGERIA NEWS on the incident revealed that the applicant whose identity was not disclosed was discovered dead in one of the toilets in the immigration office after about forty minutes he asked to use the loo.

An eyewitness, a staff of NIS who was present when the incident occurred narrated what actually happened to the deceased.

In the words of the witness who does not want his name revealed: “He was walking up and down complaining that he should be attended to as he and his wife arrive the passport office before other applicants the officers were attending to.”

“We told him that even though he came early, our official resumption time is, but he would not listen. Along the line, he said we should show him the toilet and we showed him.”

 “After about 20 minutes, his wife became worried that he has not come out from the toilet, but we calmed her down and our toilet attendants were asked to monitor the man. After about 40 minutes, we knocked several times and he did not respond.”

“We tried to open the door, but it was locked from the inside. The mistake was that we should have forced the door open, but we were warned by our superior not to break the door until the police arrived the scenes.”

 “The police later arrived and forced the door to the toilet open. What we saw was gory. He had removed his clothes and he was sitting on the stool, but he was dead.”

“He died a few minutes before we opened the door, maybe he would have survived if we had rushed him to the hospital. “

Confirming the incident, the Passport Controller Mani Yari, corroborated the account of the eyewitness.

According to him, “Yes it is the truth, an applicant died in our Toilet. He came to our office with his wife. There was no queue, as he did not come to collect Passport.”

\We attend to visitors as from As from, we started attending to the applicants. Along the line, the deceased said he wanted to ease himself.”

“It was after about 40 minutes that the wife started raising the alarm that her husband had not come back from the toilet.”

“We thought it was the normal panic from a woman. But when we arrived at the scene and he did not open the door that we called the police who came and bust the door open and we saw the lifeless body.”

Yari further disclosed that the corpse of the deceased has been deposited in a government-owned morgue in order for an autopsy to be conducted.


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