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Pasuma ft Davido: Amen



There is a new song in town headed by the Fuji icon Pasuma featuring the Nigerian pop king, Davido in a new cross over by Pasuma in hip pop culture, the new song by Pasuma featuring HKN boss, Davido is titled Amen.

The song release late Wednesday has amazed publicity in the music industry in Nigeria and as well as fans of the both musicians in Nigeria. Pasuma enlists Davido on his latest crossover attempt, Amen.

Fuji icon Pasuma, is back again and this time he is collaborating with pop star Davido on his new release which is titled ‘Amen.’

For many years, Pasuma has consistently flirted with the Pop/Hip-hop community as he has always tried to make his brand of Fuji more diversified and appealing to the younger generation who are non-Fuji fans.

There has been times in the past when he has also mentioned putting out a pop project, so this latest collaboration comes as no form of surprise to music lovers.

‘Amen’ produced by Rexxie, is an impressive record as the duo give thanks to God for everything that has come their way.


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