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Queen Elizabeth And Hubby Mark 70 Years Wedding Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth And Hubby Mark 70 Years Wedding Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth And Her Husband Celebrate 70 Years Of Marriage

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip clocked 70 years of marriage on Monday. The duo has been recorded as the Britain’s first reigning couple to celebrate such a unique wedding anniversary.

It was disclosed by media that no public celebration would be held by the royal couple, but family and friends have been asked to attend a private dinner in Windsor Castle on Monday evening.

Queen Elizabeth and Husband clocked 70years in marriage

In a bid to grace the occasion, Buckingham Palace on Saturday revealed new photographic portraits of the Queen and the Prince, which was taken at the beginning of this month in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle.

The Queen is seen in one of the photograhps released, wearing the same cream coloured dress she had on during her diamond wedding anniversary thanksgiving service a decade ago. She also wore a yellow gold, ruby and diamond brooch, Philip had presented her in 1966.

The Royal Mail, Britain’s postal service, has also unveiled a new set of six stamps to mark the occasion. The stamp had on it images of the couple’s engagement announcement at Buckingham Palace, their wedding amid the splendour of Westminster Abbey, and the first part of their honeymoon at a country estate in the county of Hampshire.


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