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Review of Letter To My Wife By Dbanj


Review of Letter To My Wife By Dbanj

Nigerian top artiste, D’banj has released a new song which he committed to his lovely and beautiful wife, Lineo Didi Kilgrow. Precisely on the 8th of August 2019, the song was released, titled LETTER TO MY WIFE.

The song had lots of touching messages with words notably;

You are a favour from God. It is you I die for. Even when things are not right, baby girl it is alright.

D'banj and his late son, Daniel

These words were encouraging words in order to console her and show he truly loves her despite the tragedy they both experienced in loosing their only child and son, Daniel, who drowned at just 1 year plus on the 24th of June, 2019.

The song titled ‘Letter to my Wife’ explains about their recent ordeal, also stating how much he loves and cares about her and will always stand by her side no matter what occur.

He also went on post on his Instagram page by saying these;

“Together we will Pass Every Test That We Pass Through. This is For You My Love. #What You Want, #Letter To My Wife, #Everything, #MamaDaniel 8/8/18”.

The song truly has a huge impact; D’banj expressed a commendable act despite how the media and some insensitive Nigerian fans had put blame to his wife for the saddened death of his son, Daniel III. This act really showed that he will stand by his wife and not even putting ears to various people like the media, friends, relatives and even Nigerian fans.

It has not been easy for D’banj and his family in recent weeks as he went on to say that the past few weeks have been incredibly trying and hard, but God’s love has kept me and my family going. He also appreciated his team for their incredible love and support.

Not many will withstand this experience as some may put blames or going to the extent of seeking a divorce. This new released song by D’banj has impacted so much to many Nigerian fans, in case we find ourselves victim of this circumstance.

We hope acts like this continue to help the wonderful couple be stronger for each other.

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