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Sagay Lashes Obasanjo Over Letter To Buhari

2019 General Election

Sagay Lashes Obasanjo Over Letter To Buhari

Obasanjo Lacks The Moral Right To Give Advise – Sagay

Sagay lashes Obasanjo over letter to Buhari

Sagay lashes Obasanjo over letter to Buhari

Political activist and Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption, (PACAC), Itse Sagay, has lashed ex-President, Olusegun Obasanjo over his letter to President Muhammadu Buhari saying that he lacks the moral right to run down the administration. He made this statement during an interview with Channels Television.

According to him, Obasanjo’s letter was not done in good faith and that it was a way of running down the government. He further added that the Buhari-led administration of two and a half years has achieved more than what the ex-president achieved in eight years of his tenure.

“I want to make a clear statement that in my view, what the Buhari government has achieved in two and half years is far more than what Obasanjo achieved in eight years,” Sagay, a professor of Law, told Channels Television.

“He (Obasanjo) has no right to start writing public letters and running down other governments simply because he’s no longer the one in power.”

The Professor of Law commented that the former leader had no moral right to run down the Buhari administration especially from someone who wanted a third term in office.

“My immediate reaction is that it sounds very ill in the mouth of the person who sought three terms of presidency to demand that the person who has not even sought a second term to abort any idea of doing the second term. That advice is coming from the wrong source; he has no moral right to give that advice.”


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On whether he would join the new party Obasanjo, he said; “I, therefore, will gladly join such a Movement when one is established as Coalition for Nigeria, CN, taking Nigeria to the height God has created it to be. From now on, the Nigeria eagle must continue to soar and fly high”, he said.


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