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Samuel Ortom Impeachment : What Nigeria Constitution Says About Impeachment of A Governor

Breaking: Court Restrains Ortom's Impeachment Move


Samuel Ortom Impeachment : What Nigeria Constitution Says About Impeachment of A Governor

It would be a very serious thing if an elected governor of a given state is impeached. It simply explains the sacking of the number one citizen of the state. Recently, Governor Samuel Ortom was served a quit notice on Monday, by 8th out of 33 members of Benue House of Assembly

When an elected person is impeached be it a president or governor, then the issue is said to be severe and action is needed to be taken.

There are ways of impeaching a governor and it is found in the one document which has difficult processes and procedure for amendment.

In the 1999 constitution, the procedures of impeaching a state governor are confidently found in Section 188. Ever since then, successful impeachments of state Governors have taken place since 1999.

There are 8 Steps taken for impeaching a state governor and this will be listed below;

  • Breach of the provisions of the constitution or misconduct on the part of the state governor. A notice must be signed by at least one-third of members of the State House of Assembly and be sent to the Speaker of the State House of Assembly.


  • After he receives the notice, the speaker must within 7 days, present the notice of allegation o both the governor of the state and the members of the state house of assembly.


  • If the governor insists, he or she could reply to the allegation placed against him to the members of the state house of assembly.


  • It is expected after 14 days of the presentation of the copy of allegation to the speaker, the State house of Assembly shall go with a motion whether or not the allegation will be investigated. It must be passed by at two-thirds majority of the members.


  • If it is not successful in reaching the maximum majority, the process ends and no additional action will be taken. Nevertheless, if the maximum majority is achieved and motion is passed, then the Speaker of the house will within 7 days request the Chief Judge to choose a panel of seven persons to investigate the allegations.


  • The panel is to make a report within 3 months of being chosen and the result will be taken to the state house of Assembly. The governor can still defend himself after the report.


  • If the allegation is proven then the State house of assembly will consider the report and adoption of the report shall be placed.


  • For the adoption, it must be backed by an at least two-thirds majority of all the members in the State house of Assembly. Immediately the adoption, the governor shall be removed from office.

It has broken for days that Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state served impeachment notice. This has been the latest impeachment notice of a state governor since it began after the 1999 constitution.

It’s been reported that eight lawmakers of the Benue state house of assembly who belong to the all progressive Congress, (APC) have presented impeachment notice to the state governor by name Samuel Ortom.

Tahav Agerzua a spokesperson for governor Samuel Ortom said eight of 30 lawmakers of the state house took control of the state parliament with the aid of the police.

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