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See Man Who Derives Pleasure In Spreading HIV




South African Man Says He Can’t Die Alone, Infects 24 Persons With HIV

A South African man simply identified as David has revealed that he derives pleasure in spreading the most popular deadly disease in the world, HIV.

According to David, he is not ready to die alone hence his reasons for spreading the disease.

David made this disclosure in an interview with a BBC reporter in Diepsloot.

He disclosed that he cannot do without sex for three days and as such rapes his victims mainly to satisfy his sexual urge and to infect them with HIV.

David who hails from Diepsloot, a community not far from Johannesburg describes himself as a very powerful man and that people get scared of him.

He shows no remorse for spreading the deadly disease but claimed he was abused at the age of 14 by police unnamed officers.

In the interview, it was also disclosed that the community is filled with perpetual rapists.

In order to guide against the illicit act, the community burns into ashes anyone found caught in the act or tipped off as a rapist.

A four-man rapist gang was nabbed by the community vigilante who publicly set them ablaze.


Watch video of the interview below:

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