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Senate Sets To Investigate Cameroonians Attacks On Nigerians


Senate Sets To Investigate Cameroonians Attacks On Nigerians

Senate President

Senate President – Dr. Bukola Saraki

The committees on Police Affairs and National Security has been ordered by the Senate president, Dr.Bukola Saraki to look into the recent fracas between Cameroon communities that share borders with Nigeria,  which has led to the loss of lives and properties in the area.

Senator John Enoh of Cross River called the attention of the 8th assembly to the situation through a point of order during Senate sitting on Thursday.

Enoh, reading out his point of order opined that it is the duty of the Federal Government to ensure the safety of Nigerians from internal and external forces.

The senator disclosed that citizens from his senatorial district are constantly being attacked by  Cameroonians. In his words,  “I rise to call attention to a dire and serious security situation that is occurring in my senatorial district between the communities in Cross River and communities in Cameroon. “This crisis has taken international dimension. The porous nature of our borders, especially at that particular axis, is a great concern. “The main reason why government exists is to protect people’s lives and properties; I, therefore, call on Nigerian authorities to increase security presence because there is still rising tension in that part of the country.”

The Senator appealed to the security agencies to endeavour to carry out properly their job of protecting citizens in the affected communities and within Nigeria.

Speaking on the issue, Senator Saraki,  directed the issue  to the Committees on Police Affairs and National Security, with strict instruction that they should carry out rigorous investigation on the crisis and bring  feedback to the 8th assembly.

He further emphasised the need for  federal goverment of Nigeria to make available adequate protection of lives and properties of its citizens.

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