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Seven(7) Things To Know About Miss Khadijat Adenike


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Seven(7) Things To Know About Miss Khadijat Adenike

If you are searching about Khadija Adnike who was reported yesterday to have been found dead at her boyfriend home in Akure, Ondo state. NIGERIA NEWS has curled some of her details you might want o know.  we have listed about 7 things you might no know earlier about her. Go with us as we reveall more about her life and time.

Miss Adenike Khadijat Oluboyo found dead in boyfriend house in Akure Miss Adenike Khadijat Oluboyo found dead in boyfriend house in Akure Adenike found dead in Akure in boyfriend house, Ondo satte

It was a breaking news on Sunday when news flying that a decomposing body of the daughter to an immediate past deputy governor of Ondo state was found, after being kept under a bed in a room.

The dead body of Khadijat Adenike was found according to the information obtained by a reporter by the younger brother of the suspect, who reported the dead body the police.

Meanwhile, she has been reported missing for about 6 days,  an online news medium, Not NIGERIA NEWS had it that Khadijat was meant to be kept in the room for 7 days before she can be disposed off until her boyfriend run out of luck when his younger brother saw the dead body.

Miss Khadijah was meant to Graduate this year as an accountant as she is in 400 Level of the private university in Ondo state, that is Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, Akoko.

According to those who know her, she is reported to be smart, intelligent and open-minded person who always minding her business.

Her Boyfriend, which is named as Adeyemi Alao alias named Q. S was reported to have been at large since yesterday, this means the Nigerian police force is still on her trail until the time of creating this content.

About Khadijat Adenike, Daughter To Lasisi Olugbenga Oluboyo


1. Who Is  Khadijat Adenike?

Khadijat Adenike is the daughter of the immediate past governor of Ondo state, Lasisi Oluboyo. They are family at least to Nigerian standard are connected and above middle class, even not said to be rich. She lives in Akure, Ondo state capital where she was unfortunately found dead in her boyfriend room on Sunday.

2. Khadijah Adenike School

Khadijah Adenike according to sources is schooling at Adekunle Ajasin University, a state-owned university in Ondo state. Ajasin university is one of the oldest state-owned universities in Nigeria and the school used to be private until converted by the previous administrations.

3. Adenike Khadijat Hometown

Her parents are originally Ondo state, and they are from Ikare, Akoko a popular town in Ondo state by all standard. Akure is Ondo AkokoNortheastt Local government.

4. About Adenike Khadijat Boyfriend Who Killed Her

Her boyfriend named Adeyemi Alao also known as Q.S who base in Abuja was said to have killed her in the room. Reason and other many questions behind his unfortunate action are still very ketch. But information online revealed that she was used for money ritual by her boyfriend who is currently at large. The police are already doing their job to fish out the criminal and his herbalist.

5. Adeyemi khadijat Age

Her age was said to be 24 according to information online, and this means she was born on in 1994.

6. Reason Khadijat Adeymi Adenike Was Killed

just we have said above, the only information we saw online is that her boyfriend wanted to use her for money ritual, a report NIGERIA NEWS cannot authoritatively confirm until the police arrest Adeyemi Alao to confess his action.

7. What Is Police doing about Khadijat  Adenike dead

We are still waiting formal police report and press release but until then “We are on it and trying to get some facts but the Commissioner of Police to give more details concerning her  in another 48 hours or less,”

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