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Social Media Hazards: How Well Do You Know Your Social Media Friends? Can You Trust Them With Your Life?

Social Media Hazards: How Well Do You Know Your Social Media Friends? Can You Trust Them With Your Life?

Social Media Hazards…Be Cautious Of The Friends You Make On Social Media

A recall of the first popular social media hazard case recorded in Nigeria The case of the late daughter of retired  Major General, Frank Osokogu – Cynthia Osokogu, 24, a postgraduate student of Nasarawa state university who was brutally killed by friends she met on Facebook in 2012 sets the record for social media hazard cases in Nigeria.

Face-to-face conversation between friends is gradually being overtaken by social media applications. You get to hear of Facebook, snap chat, Instagram, Twitter, BBM, WhatsAppp, Hi-Five or Tagged, 2go, Smoothie or blender, and the likes. We even get to meet friends on social media via online games.

A large number of people ranging from old to young, now spend a reasonable amount of their time on social media platform, either by going through other people’s profile, checking comments, posting pictures, playing games reading articles, or chatting with ‘friends’.

The Facebook, for example, is now flooded with a lot of social groups, which is either advocating for one thing or the other.

One would have thought the aim of social media is to be acquainted with things around the world or to make friends with people from any part of the world, but it is disheartening to discover that some people have turned the social media to an avenue where they can perpetuate their individual evil deeds.

On a daily basis, a person gets to make at least one or two friends on social media platforms. The ‘meet’ is usually followed up by chat, if not immediate, it could be later when either of the two is less busy or bored and resulted to social media which is now being seen as a ‘kill boredom arena’.

Most times social media chats end with the exchange of phone digits and the “friendship’ hence is taken to another level with either of the ‘friends’ proposing a face-to-face ‘meet’, with the claim of either to showcase available goods or services to be marketed or to know each other better.

Many have fallen victim of being defrauded by social media ‘friends’, while some have even been raped, manhandled, robbed or killed by a friend they meet on social media.

How careful are you with the friends you make on social media?

How cautious are you when you visit such friends?

Do you bother going through their profile before the one on one meet?

Do you go through their friends’ lists?

Do you go through their posts?

What are the comments of other friends on their posts?

Do you view their pictures?

Are you even sure it is not a fake account that the ‘friend’ is chatting you with?

so many questions to be asked, so many answers to be supplied… Yet they are not enough to serve as cautions on making friends on social media.

Be cautious, don’t be another victim of social media hazards.

May the soul of Late Cynthia Osokogu continue to rest in peace

Cynthia Osokogwu

Late Cynthia Osokogwu


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