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Sociologist Wants Children Monitored Over Psychosexual Abnormality


Sociologist Wants Children Monitored Over Psychosexual Abnormality

A Professor of sociologist, Ndukaeze Nwabueze, on Monday called on parents to adequately monitor their children to detect and address psychosexual anomaly.

Nwabueze, who teaches at the University of Lagos, said that early detection of the abnormality would help to reduce it.

The professor, also the Coordinator of a non-governmental organisation, Family Restoration Initiative, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Nwabueze also called for more research into the causes of sexual abnormality, including homosexuality, in an effort to properly address the issue, which he described as dangerous to the health of individuals and society.

“Homosexuals need healing so as to make them useful to the society.

“Nature has decreed that sexual relationships should be between male and female,’’ he said.

The don told NAN that the same sex prohibition in Nigeria had been socially beneficial, but advised that those who practise same sex should be helped to come out of the act.
”Sexual practice between the same sex is declared illegal in Nigeria, and people frown at it.

“The illegality attached has made people who practice the illegal sexual orientation to perpetuate it in hidden ways, thereby transferring different kinds of disease to themselves.

“Research made us understand that this group of people contract diseases because most of their acts are unprotected,” he said.

The professor added that research also showed that people with such sexual orientation were rejected and stigmatised in Nigeria.

“I think they should not be rejected but be shown love and enlightened on the implications of their abnormality,” the don said.

He advised people with the sexual abnormality to seek help on how to overcome their psychosexual abnormality.

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