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Some Photos Of Prof. Wole Soyinka You’ve Never Seen Before



Some Photos Of Prof. Wole Soyinka You've Never Seen Before

Some Photos Of Prof. Wole Soyinka You’ve Never Seen Before

We have decided to compile some photos of the legendary Wole Soyinka as he clocks 84. Nigerian author, playwright, poet, essayist and scourge of ‘many governments’, Wole Soyinka turns 84 on July 13, 2019 and to celebrate him, NIGERIAN NEWS goes back in time to curates eight photos of him that are rarely seen. These photos are sourced from Instagram and they show Soyinka without his signature white hair and beard many have come to recognise him with.

1. The beginning:

November 1934. Tinu watches over her younger brother Wole. #Soyinka

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This photo shows Wole Soyinka as a baby with his elder sister Tinu watching over him. This photo was taken in November 1934.

2. Wole the pirate:

It is well known that Wole and seven of his friends founded Nigeria’s first confraternity the Pyrates. Nicknamed Cap’n Blood, he poses in this photo in his full regalia.

3. Undergraduate Wole:

Wole is seen posing with his fellow students who just gained admission to the then University College Ibadan (now University of Ibadan).

4. Wole and Tinu again:

1952 with my elder sister Tinu. Before the university voyage.

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Wole and Tinu seemed to be best of friends. Here, he poses with her just before he gains admission to University College Ibadan.

5. Wole the failed musician:

Not a lot of people know that Wole used to be a musician. The fact that he refers to himself as a failed musician doesn’t help.

6. The Soyinka family:

In this photo, Wole and his siblings pose on their mother’s 70th birthday.

7. Daddy and daughter:

1963. With my daughter Moremi.

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Wole poses with his daughter Moremi in an undated photo.

8. Relaxed Wole:

# Sho Mo Age Mi Ni? Cap’n Blood.

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As you can see no caption is needed here, Just Wole relaxing.

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