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Sorry; A Powerful Tool For Immediate Conflict Resolution



Sorry; A Powerful Tool For Immediate Conflict Resolution

Sorry; A Panacea For Immediate Conflict Resolution

Conflict can arise at any point in time between two or more people. It may b among friends, family members, couple, siblings, neighbours, classmates, colleagues. Disagreement may even occur between institutions, tribes, communities, states, and countries. 

The paramount thing is to devise means to resolve such conflicts before it escalates into what both parties would find difficult to resolve.

The past wars that have been witnessed across the globe had generated from minor conflicts. So many family issues, like siblings rivalries, dissolution of marriages and some legal proceedings witnessed all over the world today had generated from minor conflicts which ought to have been resolved amicably.

Often times, people find it difficult to apologise for wrong acts. This is usually attached to ego and pride.

Some people have been quoted to say “I can never apologise to him/her after all he/she is not the one feeding me”. So many have forgotten that if a conflict is not settled immediately, it can escalate to a much more serious thing which can cause the parties involved their most valuable assets.

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SORRY; a word that can melt the heart. It really costs nothing to say “I know I have offended you, but I am sorry”.

When you utter the word sorry, it takes nothing away from you.

Nevertheless, the word sorry can also be said in a way that tends to escalate conflict or gets the person being apologised to angrier.


therefore, It is pertinent to be mindful of your countenance when you say sorry. Different meanings would be read to a sorry said with a frowned face and a sorry said with a remorseful look. 


When you apologise for a wrong act, let it come from your innermost mind. Do it with all sense of sincerity, that way, you can avoid long-lasting controversy.

Do not hesitate to apologise whenever you are wrong, and even sometimes when you are right, apologise, just for peace to reign.

Always remember, one would always know the beginning of a war, but the end of a war is never predictable.

Instead of taking the decision to let a person be just because of little misunderstanding, try and swallow your pride, and apologise.

Yes! Sorry is not a magic eraser like some people have pointed out, but it sure goes a long way to show that you regret your action(s).

”I am sorry if you find this article offensive”.  

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