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Sterling bank : 7 Lessons We Learnt From Corporate Shading on Social Media Nigeria

Sterling bank : 7 Lessons We Learnt From Corporate Shading on Social Media

The lessons we individuals can learn from doing businesses social media are numerous and they vary. In view of sterling bank which is not one of the famous banks we have in Nigeria today. But yesterday being Saturday, sterling bank increased in fan base and many Nigerians who had previously forgotten about Sterling bank was brought into notice.

A sterling bank tweet went viral, the tweet contained a graphic logo of 4 banks namely: Guaranty Trust Bank, Access Bank, First Bank and Union Bank.

It pictured their logos and portraying them that they do not have customers attention at heart. In relation to the sterling bank story, we will be discussing 7 lessons we can observe from corporate shading on social media.

To break it down the more, we will be discussing the lessons we can take into account when we are doing business on social media. The lessons includes:

  1. You can learn the ways to build your brand business

The world is a global place and ever increasing. In recent times social media has been able to allow business owners increase their awareness. Advertising your business on social media, you are likely to reach more potential customers.

Social media platforms such as instagram, facebook and twitter can be used to drive awareness to your followers. Individuals have been able to learn that they can promote their business via social media.


  1. Individuals learns that social media is cost-free

When doing business on social media, attracting customers is cost free. You do not have to pay a dime while doing business on social media.


  1. You can learn that social media enables your business grow fast

Social media really helps in diverting your business to millions of people round the world in just a click.


  1. You can learn to be creative in your business via social media

Your friends on social media can bring in more ideas that will boost your business the more.


  1. You can learn how to have communicating skills with people on your social media platforms.


  1. You can learn how to be helpful to others that needs your services.


  1. You can learn how to market your product and sell them to potential customers



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