Npower News On Latest Stipend Payment For May 2019 Today
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Npower News Stipend For This Month Update Today

Federal Government through the Npower board has reacted to the Npower stipend payment for the current month and will like to give the latest update for the last month payment for everyone that has not received payment and those waiting to receive their stipend for the due month.

Here is the latest news on npower stipend for the month of March as many Npower beneficiaries have received their payments and many are expected to receive theirs before the end of today.

The N-power program of the federal republic of Nigeria has starts payment of stipends to beneficiaries


The administrators recently announced the payment of npower Stipend 2019 also known as npower allowances.

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According to N-power administrators recorded by today’s news, it was entailed that the first beneficiaries of N-power will also continue to get their monthly stipend.

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True to the administrators’ words, their npower stipend has been allocated, it was disclosed that over 4,500 of N-Power youth volunteers will receive their stipends.

NIGERIA NEWS had earlier published that Npower in partnership with BSSIO through GEEP asssociation is ready in given out loan free interest for Npower beneficiaries who are qualified and willing to setup up micro businesses within their areas.

But presently, we have news about Npower stipends for March for you.

Hope you know that through npower Nigeria, that the Buhari administration is here to create more jobs in Nigeria.

See some of the comments gathered from N-power beneficiaries who were glad to be among the beneficiaries that’ll get this month stipends below :

“N-power has finally fulfilled their unending promises to 2017 batch which was filled and submitted online via“.

Kudos to Buhari government and N-power team.

“The beneficiaries of npower Stipend 2019 said they will repay the government with dedication at their PPA and vote for Buhari re-election”.

Another commented, “I so happy for Npower programme, thank you Lord, thank you N-power”.

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Though, the administrators have promised to circulate the stipends to all.

The administrators of the scheme also announced that all beneficiaries would get their allowances once all affected concern are tackled.

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