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Stress Management: 5 Major Causes Of Stress.. The Most Stressful Will Excite You

Stress Management: 5 Major Causes Of Stress.. The Most Stressful Will Excite You

Stress Management; Causes of Stress

Stress Management; Causes of Stress

Stress is not as completely abstract as it may come to mind. It is simply the sustained release of ‘reactor’ hormones due to strenuous circumstances, and so having the knowledge about these situations can help to better deal with them, resulting in the release of the right kind of hormones which induce a more relaxed state. One great method of stress management methods is identifying major stressors around us and instead of groping in the dark as to why we feel tight and uneasy, this will help to create harmony in the precise areas that are inducing a state of stress.

When placed under stress, the body’s natural stress management mechanism, known as the fight or flight mechanism, is engaged, resulting in faster heartbeats, higher cortisol and adrenaline levels, etc. It is as though the body were trying to catch up to the expected level of speed and pressure that is expected of it in order to meet the perceived requirements of the stressor. This, however, comes at a price, because this sort of strain (stress) on the nervous may have serious consequences on the body’s mental and physical health if sustained.

Stress is the major cause of sleeping disorders (insomnia), it functions to reduce the body’s immune system, among other dire effects. Here are some of the high-ranking causes of stress, which identifying can be crucial in effective stress management.

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Life Changes

Change is an interesting life process. However, the psyche, and of course, the body, the can be known to take some time in adapting to it. Being aware of the tendency to react to these changes may be vital is stress management.

Some life changes that may induce stress include marriage, pregnancy, increase in financial obligation, a retirement, losing a job, the death of a close relative, as well as the death of a spouse, which is ranked as the number one most stressful life event, according to the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory.


In order state the obvious, this has been placed second here.

The amount of time spent working, the workload on a person’s schedule, how one feels about the work that they do, as well as the attitude of the boss can all play roles in the buildup of stress on an individual.

Also included are the distance which a person has to cover to get to a place of work, as well as having a less-than-satisfactory relationship situation with co-workers in the working environment. The mentioned work stressors can, however, be useful in stress management when they are understood and appropriate measures are taken to dispel prevent them.


A hint towards this already mentioned within work, having strained relationships can definitely have its effects on stress levels. As a social people, when we engage with people, we tend to form attachments with them, which is why we possess the ability to care beyond our individual selves.

Thus, a sustained, unresolved strain can result in stress. Divorce and separation (which stem from dysfunctional relationships) are among the top causes of stress.


The environment can also be a present a matter in stress management. A publication by Mayo Clinic has that uncontrolled noise, as well as excessive light can induce stress.

Self-Placed Pressure

Perfectionism an unduly lofty expectations of oneself can also pose a stressor. People can mount pressure on themselves in order to facilitate achievement, but a lifestyle of running on stressful levels of pressure in order in order to ‘meet up’ can be detrimental.

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