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The Encourager: First Edition – Quit Not On Your Dreams

one step at a time


The Encourager: First Edition – Quit Not On Your Dreams

Quitters Don’t Win, Winners Don’t Quit

one step at a time

One step at a time

You may have asked yourself several questions about whether you would ever be able to fulfil your dreams? whether your greatest wish would ever come to pass? or whether you’ll ever make it to the top? 

Yes, it may seem like things are not okay and maybe, in reality, things are actually not okay.

Are you concerned about the Nigeria economy system? or you are concerned about the fact that there are no job opportunities in the country? your own concern may even be how to get capital to establish yourself? all these and more poses concerns for virtually all who wish to be a the top, but you know what, don’t quit now, because quitters don’t win.

What efforts are you making to fulfil those dreams of yours? are you the type that wishes to become famous but sit at home waiting for a miracle to happen? if you are that type of person then your dreams may never come through.

Yes, You don’t have to give up, but at the same time you need to make efforts, I mean tireless efforts in order for your dreams to become realities.

Mark you, when I said efforts, I don’t mean taking shortcuts, I don’t mean making other people cry or sober to fulfil your own dreams. My take is you need to do things that are legal that can aid in the fulfilment of your dreams.

Do not wait until you are offered a multi-million naira job before you start being productive. Do not wait until a relative give you millions of naira before you establish yourself.

Go for menial jobs that can bring you little profits, and from there you would continue to progress.

I bet you, the Dangote and Otedola of today started with small capital and today we all see where they are.

Don’t get frustrated about the state of the country and give up on your dreams, if the world’s richest had done same, they wouldn’t have made it to the top.

Believe in yourself, be focus, be productive no matter how little, be contented with what you have, what you cant afford, let it go.

Don’t quit, work hard, be prayerful and be rest assured of making it to the top soonest.

Remember, the only difference between the word Here and There is the Letter T, which stands for Time. You might still be here but you would surely get there, it’s only a matter of TIME.


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