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The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators

The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators


The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators

The Salaries And Remuneration Of Senators In Nigeria

The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators

The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators

Today, NIGERIA NEWS would be analysing the salaries, and renumerations of senators in Nigeria, with a special interest in the remuneration of the senate president, deputy senate president, the Senate chief whip, and the Senate deputy chief whip, the minority whip, and all committee chairmen.

It is an adduced fact that Nigerian senators are highest paid senators in the world.

Why do we say so? This is because Nigeria by her legal framework has adequately provided a standard remuneration for all political office holders, public officers and civil servants as enshrined in the stricto senso function of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

In 2015, The Revenue Mobilisation Allocation And Fiscal Commission were tasked by the Buhari administration to make a candid review of the salaries and earnings of the political office holders as well as public servants.

In June 2015, The commission came out with a good structure analysis of the earnings all public office holders should collect. The review was in fact to be stricto senso adhered to by the federal, state and local governments.

It is no longer news however that many political office holders especially the senators live above their pay, and one way or the other corruptible raise extra funds to fuel their extravagant lifestyle.

Below is the detailed analysis of the salaries and earnings of Nigerian Senators.

The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators

The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators

The Senate President And Deputy Senate President

Going by the approved 2015 review of the earnings made the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation And Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), the Senate President’s annual basic salary of N2, 484, 242.50, with an accompanying allowance of N6. 2 million, bringing about a total of N8, 694, 848.75. In liue of that, his monthly take home salary is about N724, 570.73.

Additionally, the senate president is accrued to 250 per cent of his Annual Salary as Constituency Allowance which sums up to a total of N6, 210, 606.25.

Other non-regular allowances include 300 per cent gratuity for the Senate President; and estacode of $1, 300 per night for foreign trips, as well as, a N37,000 per night duty tour allowance.

Similarly, the senate president’s wardrobe expenses  and newspapers are covered by the federal government.

On the other side, the federal government provides the senate president’s vehicles and as well as their maintenance. Similarly, the domestic staffs, entertainments, utilities, securities, Legislative Aides, House Maintenance, Special Adviser and a Personal Assistant are also provided by the federal government.

The Deputy Senate President enjoys the same benefits as the senate president with a little exception to his Annual Basic Salary and total allowances. The review provides for an Annual Basic Salary of N 2,309,166.75, and a total allowance of N 5,772,916.8. This brings annual salary to a total of N 8,082,083.63 and a monthly pay of N 673,506.97

The Deputy senate President receives $ 790 as estacode for foreign trips and gets N32, 000 per night as Duty Tour Allowance.

The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators

The Salaries And Earnings Of Nigerian Senators

The Senate Majority Leader, Minority Leaders, Whips and Committee Chairmen

The Senate Majority Leader receives a salary of N12, 968, 960. The Minority leader receives a total annual salary of N12, 908, 168. The Whip receives N12, 867, 640. The same applies to Committee Chairmen.

In addition, the majority Leader receives 10 per cent of annual salary for Responsibility which is ; Minority Leader 7 per cent; while the Whip and Committee chairmen receive 5 per cent for the same purpose.

It is important to note that the senate principal officers are all entitled to the benefits accruable to the ordinary senators of the National assembly, with extra additional benefits.

Ordinary Senators

The Annual Basic Salary of Ordinary senators of the National assembly is 2,026,400.00 coupled with an annual allowance of N10,739,920. The total annual earnings/salaries summing up to be N12,766,320.

Nigerian senators also receives 75 per cent of the annual salary as allowance for a vehicle and its maintenance. Ordinary senators collect another 75 per cent of their salaries for domestic staffs; 30 per cent for entertainments; 30 per cent for utilities; 25 per cent for wardrobe; and 250 per cent as constituency allowance.

Miscellaneous allowances for unspecified purposes stands at 53 per cent, newspapers 15 per cent, Personal Assistance, 24 per cent; and House maintenance 5 per cent.

Senators receive $600 as estacode and a duty tour allowance of N23, 000 per night.

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