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Top 5 states in Nigeria bet9ja is flourishing



Bet9ja remains a focal point in the history of Sports Betting in Nigeria. The Sports bookmaker is referred to as a key influencer of the modern betting strategies and market in the country with both her offline and online strategies. The bookmarker despite being tagged as a reliable provider of big free bet is yet to cover all areas of the country.

This according to media speculation is due to the diverse ethnicity and religious opinion about betting in the country. The online bookmaker does not enjoy popularity in the Northern part of Nigeria. This is believed to be due to the fact that the venture conflicts with religious and moral believes of the indigenes.

Bet9ja understanding the realities has ensured her activeness in institutions of learning. Sports betting is an active major in areas of learning and areas in where the indigenes are dynamic.

Lagos ranks as the number one state the online venture tops in. This is because of the fact that it began in Lagos and registered with the Lagos state board of lotteries. The vast populations of the state further make it a strong hub for the Sportsbook. Its longer news that Lagos is the most technologically sound environment in Nigeria with a population only rivalled by Kano in the country. Lagos by default is a difficult is a dynamic state with various classes of people. Bet9ja can get more than betting as potential shareholders could also emerge from the state due to that is the location of the head office.

Imo also poses another state that bet9ja enjoys huge patronage and followership. The southeastern state has come to accept the bookmarker as a legitimate source of earning cash. Due to the huge entrepreneurial advantage it provides, offline shops have littered around the state with the betting scheme now in every neighbourhood.

According to an anonymous source, the bookmarker gained a smooth entrance into the state due to the potentials it provided to the common man on the state as well ease at which bookies without internet enabled devices could still book games. Its virtual activities further raise its popularity.

The Sportsbook also enjoys patronage in Anambra state with the resident of Onitsha reverting to business as an alternative to making money after the regular business day. It was due to the popularity that produced a winner of N36 million in the past. Since that revelation, huge punters have emerged from the state but no reported news of winner has been read for some time

Abia State also shows huge enthusiasm for the Sportsbooks. This is believed to be due to the virtual option available. Reports have it that resident of the state particularly Aba subscribes heavily to the bookmarker with many people employed directly and indirectly through the scheme.

Delta state has recently joined the top five state for the bookmarker. The state was not initially a business hub for the venture but that has changed in recent times with Asaba now subscribing to the Sportsbook on a timely basis. According to reports Bet9ja is on the right track with the state with expert predicting that the Sportsbook is set to contribute the economic activities.
Northern regions such as Kano, Kaduna, Abuja and Plateau is being anticipated as the next hub for bookmarkers but the religious diversity, ethnic clash, an unstable network and cultural values have limited Bet9ja’s activities in the regions. However, the management of the bookmarker has revealed that such a barrier will soon be a thing of the past.

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