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Trump Allegedly Describes Buhari As ‘Lifeless’

Trump and Buhari

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Trump Allegedly Describes Buhari As ‘Lifeless’

The United States President, Donald Trump has been reported by Financial Times to have allegedly described the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari as a ‘lifeless’ being.

As gathered by NIGERIA NEWS, Trump allegedly made this description of Buhari after a meeting the duo held earlier in April in the US on matters which included the fight against terrorism.

The global business publication titled the report in which the allegation was made as  ”Africa looks for something new out of Trump” as Kenya president visits the White House.

According to the Financial Times, Trump has dished out a warning to his aides that he doesn’t want to meet again with a someone who is lifeless.

The warning by the US President is directed to the aides in preparation for the scheduled meeting with the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta.

An excerpt from the article reads: “The first meeting, with Nigeria’s ailing 75-year-old Muhammadu Buhari in April, ended with the US president telling aides he never wanted to meet someone so lifeless again, according to three people familiar with the matter.”

The Allegation of Trump to have described President Buhari as lifeless has however gone viral on the social media.

Nigerians have taken to the various social media platform to condemn the description of President Buhari by Trump.

As at the time of filing this report the office of the President of Nigeria is yet to give a response to the article.

The White House also is yet to respond to the allegation.

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