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Trump Calls On Congress To End Visa Lottery


Trump Calls On Congress To End Visa Lottery

End Visa Lottery – Trump Tells Congress

Trump calls on Congress to end visa lottery

Trump calls on Congress to end visa lottery

The United States President, Donald Trump, has called on Congress to end the visa lottery programme on his Twitter handle on Friday. According to him, the immigration system needs to be secured in order to protect Americans.

He tweeted on his social media page, “Time to end the visa lottery, Congress must secure the immigration system and protect Americans.”

Trump linked his message to the case of a recipient who abused the resident status to finance terrorist activities abroad which was contained in the Justice Department press release.

The Justice Department’s complaint had once disclosed that a Sudanese national who gained lawful permanent resident status through the “diversity visa lottery program” ran a non-profit organization, the Islamic American Relief Agency, and through it funneled money to terrorist organizations in Iraq and some other places.

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