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UEFA Draw: Mourinho Talks On Messi Ronaldo Facing Each Other Quarter Final



Ronaldo and messi

Former Man U coach nickname Special one has given his verdict on the possibility of Messi Ronaldo facing each other in the quarter-final today that will take place by 12 pm Nigerian time.

Mourinho says he does not want Ronaldo -Messi facing each other in Quarterfinal but should be reserved in Semifinal or final if possible.

Ronaldo netted a hat-trick, as Juventus overcame a 2-0 deficit to eliminate Atletico Madrid.

A day later, Messi scored twice and provided two assists, as Barcelona hammered Lyon 5-1 at the Nou Camp to qualify.

Mourinho would like both clubs to be kept apart in Friday’s draws.

“I wouldn’t like Juventus against Barcelona because I think it would be something really special Barcelona against Juventus in a possible final or semi-final.

“Two great teams that are not being successful in the Champions League for a few years, of course, Juventus so much more than Barcelona.

“And led by two big players Cristiano [Ronaldo] and [Lionel] Messi is something I wouldn’t waste on a quarter-final, I would wait a little bit more,” Mourinho told RT

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