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Update On Gammora HIV Cure


Update On Gammora HIV Cure

The team of medical experts and researchers are on the verge of discovering a cure for HIV, after there was a trial which yielded brilliant results. In the first part of the testing of the Gammora drug, it was sid to have killed up to 99 percent of the virus in the first four weeks of the treatment.

The results of the drug concluded that it reduced the viral infections and killed HIV infected cell and the good thing about it is that it does not harm the healthy ones. However, some HIV organizations in Australia have spoken about the Gammora drug.

Their statement revealed that people should not get too over excited as at now because there is still much more tests to be conducted in order to see more positive results.

HIV is a deadly disease which came up about 35 years ago and possibly, there is a drug called Gammora which is said to be used in curing the deadly disease. About 36 million people live with HIV in the world currently which is a bad thing and HIV researchers are working day and night to all but eliminate it.

The Gammora drug is said to be a drug which is like a broad-spectrum disrupter of viral replication which is very similar to ribavirin which was previously a drug in curing hepatitis C.

The Gammora drug may work to reduce the viral proliferation which may exist in already cells which some antiretroviral drugs also does.

The Gammora drug is in no way capable of curing HIV as of now but it however provides an hope that the main cure will be discovered one day. The company which revealed the results of the first trial of the drug is known to be an Israeli biotech company.

The Gammora drug killed 99 percent of the HIV virus within four weeks of the treatment and this offers some hope in the coming future as to HIV getting eliminated. What the Gammora drug does is to stimulate the integration of different HIV DNA fragments which will be in the host of cell’s genomic DNA.

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