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What To Expect From BBN 2019



The main purpose of establishing big brother Africa and by extension big brother Nigeria is for people to know and view how a certain set of people who are of different background, diverse culture, language and tradition would live together under one roof. The essence is also to witness first hand,  how these diverse attributes and deep rooted culture  can be exported .Big Brother Africa is a reality TV show designed after Big Brother America and Big Brother UK. Big Brother Africa also help promote inter tribal and multi ethnic relations amongst people of different origin and background.

Over 5 million viewers are glued to their television set and other means to read and view live proceedings from the Big Brother House.  Housemates numbering about 20 or thereabout are locked up in a gigantic building and they are meant to remain there for 3 months or more except when housemates have been evicted during the course of the show. All kinds of task are given to them to work on and winners are duly rewarded according to the mood and generosity of Big Brother.

Housemates are grilled on all fronts in a bid to get the best out of them. They are always made to go through rigorous exercises and work outs, all of these to make the show worthwhile. Some persons might want to argue that the essence of coming up with such an idea has been defeated, some would say that Big Brother Africa and Big Brother Nigeria have lost its value claiming that it is all about Pornography and nudity on display.

Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka once described Big Brother Africa as a charade, saying that the programme is a wanton display of Banality.  In the last edition BBN 2019 , there were cases of live sex in the house as both Teddy A and Bambam were alleged to have had sex in the toilet and it attracted back lash from people .

These relationships are part of the game plans by housemates to usurp one another in a bid to be relevant in the game because of the stiff competition BBN comes with, whilst some enthusiasts saw the moves as what makes the programme very thick and interesting. Apart from Teddy A and Bambam , many other housemates were  involved in romantic relationships and it looked like it was alter bound.

However, it has been established that Big Brother Nigeria keeps recording profits in dollars despite the huge criticism that surround the project.

The last edition of Big Brother Nigeria was the most watched and most contributed to as it recorded over 5 billion naira profits , it became the most watched ever in the history of the reality TV shows in Africa. Viewers the world over, stay glued to their cable television almost on a daily basis from the start of the reality show to catch a glimpse of happenings. BBN is a show that is segmented and there were segments that caught the attention of viewers depending on their areas of interest. It has been established that the eviction show is the segment that most BBN viewers are always interested in, it is the most interesting part of the show as housemates who have been placed on probation get to know their fate as regards their continuity on the show.

The winner of the last edition   Miracle who originally trained as a pilot was given 25 million naira plus,  a SUV car ,wardrobe allowance plus other add ons.   In addition he got and still gets many contracts and endorsements from multinational organizations. Not only Miracle has been in the news since the 2019 edition ended many other housemates have been contacted and endorsed by one organization or the other. Many have been given acting roles; some went into music whilst the others ventured into comedy and other areas of entertainment.

Due to its perceived success, 2019 edition promises to be exciting, the profits being made in the 2019 and previous editions will spur the organizers of the reality TV show to improve on certain areas that will add bite and flesh to it.  The popularity of the show has increased tremendously as the show has gotten more popular among the youths in Africa ,a  lot of young men and women are looking up to it and can’t wait for 2019 edition to start. Many who didn’t have passport before now have gotten them ready in anticipation. They all have their ears on ground waiting for when the audition date will be announced.

Corporate organizations are also ready to associate with the brand (BBN) Although the organizers throw the audition open to anyone that is interested, findings have shown that modeling agencies and others key into this by sending their clients for the audition and hope that such a client scrape through selection process and eventually get picked as one of the 20 housemates. In a situation whereby a client is picked they go as far as giving him/her lessons cum strategy that will ensure that they go far in the competition.

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