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Where Is Buhari Now? – Ask Nigeria News

Location Of Nigerian Public Figures A Tool Privided By Nigeria News

‘This is the page by NIGERIA NEWS is to track public figures in Nigeria and to show their present location. We have come to realized that Nigerians are always asking the present location of their public figures in their state, country, senators, present and even sometimes their ministers.


NIGERIA NEWS deserves to know where their public figure currently, in the country, outside the country, attending an event in Nigeria, attending an event outside Nigeria we have the policy to track only public figures not a private citizen.


Where Is Buhari Right Now?

President Buhari Is in Nigeria right now, and Aso rock precisely


Does this answer your question? Yes or No?


Where Is Osinbajo Right Now?

Vice President Osinbajo is in Nigeria right now, and at Aso Rock precisely

Does this answer your question? Yes or No? Nigeria News




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