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Why DSTV Will Not Show The FA Cup This Coming Season




Nigerian fans were shocked with the fact that DSTV failed to broadcast the community shield match between City and Chelsea. DSTV, which originates from South Africa  stated recently stated that they will not be showing the FA cup games this season as well as other cup games this season.

Nigerian fans have expressed their frustration with regarding to this recent experience. Some fans had gone to the extent of threatening to leave DSTV for another decoder as they initially increased their prices for their monthly subscription.

DSTV and other decoders like Startimes, GOTV and Kwese did not show the community shield which took place yesterday between Manchester City and Chelsea.

But DSTV were top of the criticism from Nigerian fans after they had revealed that they won’t be showing the FA cup games this season as well as the Carabao Cup.

As at last season, DSTV were showing the cup games, so with this recent event, there should be strong reasons why they won’t be airing the FA cup games this season and these will be listed below:

  • Loosing the right to show cup games

DSTV has lost the right to show the FA cup games this season because other competitors or  decoders has clearly outshun them in paying  for their TV rights. As at last season, DSTV had the right to show the cup games, basically because they were top in paying their TV rights but they have been overtaken by an

other competitor.

  • Short of Funds

After it was known to DSTV that a new decoder had upgraded from their payment to get the cup games live from England, they had no choice but to back off as they were short of funds. This is a surprise to many Nigerian fans as DSTV recently increased their monthly subscription.

  • Showing Various League Competition

It is stale news that DSTV has gotten the right to show the Italian league as from next season, adding to the other leagues they are presently showing like the English Premier league, the Spanish Laliga, and other cup games in Spain and Germany. It is no surprise they lost the right to air the cup games in England as they show many league competition.


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