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Work From Home: Things Info Marketers In Nigeria Don’t Want You To Know

Work from home mum


Work From Home: Things Info Marketers In Nigeria Don’t Want You To Know

Work from home mum

Work from home mum

If you spend enough time online, you would surely come across juicy headlines like ‘Ordinary Nigeria Student Makes Million on dollars working from home’ or ‘How this Nigerian Stay at home mum makes millions.’

There are many of these headlines. The whole idea behind them is to get you to click. That is why they have such catchy headlines.

For those that don’t click to learn the secret of making millions while working from home, it is likely they have clicked on them before only to discover the headlines were more interesting than the real story. These sorts of headlines are known as clickbaits.

Online information marketers are the masters of clickbaits. They spend a considerable amount of time coming up with headlines or topics that would generate clicks from unsuspecting Internet users.

Talking about work from home, info marketers have refined their pitch to make it look like it’s the best thing since the Internet was created.

They would tell you how with a little effort, you would become rich, even richer than bankers (they love bashing bankers for some reasons). All you have to do, they’d tell you, is to spend about 30 minutes daily on your online business to get the desired result.

In the end, you would be definitely prompted to buy something. Getting you to part with money is the whole point of the long pitch.

And that is how they make their own money online: by selling information on how to make money from some online business working from the comfort of your home.

To make it even more attractive, they spin a yarn how you can combine the online business with your regular income if you don’t want to resign.

Thing is, they are simply stretching the truth. This is why

Working from home is not all it is cracked up to be.

Nigeria News believe it is only advisable to work from home if you don’t have money to pay for office space.

People who work from home have a hard time segmenting their day to differentiate working hours from personal time. Domestic chores, friends, family, etc, would always interfere with work.

Because of that, your productivity would suffer. Tasks people take about an hour to complete in an office setting would take you hours due to all kinds of interruptions.

You work just as hard.

Forget the ‘just 30 minutes‘ of daily work and you would be done. It is nonsense. You would spend as many hours as a regular 9-5 worker if you are really serious about working from home online.

Your social life would take a hit

This is a consequence of working very hard. Online work from home is a constant slug to make it.

Some days, you would wonder where the time disappeared to as you are yet to hit your target. There would be days you would feel you wasted too much time on a small task without achieving much.

Meanwhile, as you get more involved in your online business working from home, you become inaccessible to friends. Your social life would all but disappear.

Actually, it should be like that if you want to make it online while working from home.

You have to invest

A favorite pitch of info marketers is to get you believing that you don’t have to spend a dime to make it. Of course, they won’t tell you that buying what they would surely sell to you is money out of your pocket.

Even after paying for the information, you would very quickly discover that there are some things known as premium products or services embedded in the ebook.

You would be made to understand that without these products or services, success is almost impossible.

Office synergy is missing

There is something to be said about working together with a group of like-minded people thriving towards the same goal.

The interaction with others, the competition, the rivalry, and office politics would surely get the creative juices and competitive spirit pulsing through your veins as you try to be the best.

You don’t get all that working alone. Working from home is a lonely world and you are just competing against yourself. There is no fun in that.

That said, making it big while working online from home is possible. Introverts are more suitable for it since they love being alone most of the time.

If you are a social person, this business would slowly lead you to depression.

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